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The happy couple has listed our services, Florals With Purpose on their bridal registry in hopes that you will help make their wish to donate their wedding flowers come true.

What does this entail?

By gifting the gift of kindness to the happy couple, the flowers from their wedding will be repurposed and donated/delivered to the charity of their choice. You and the couple will be acknowledged for your act of kindness in the messaging delivered to the recipients. A week after delivery, our FWP team will return to the donation site to pick up the vases (to reuse for future donations) and the perished flowers (to be composted.)


Thank you for helping us Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Give Flowers a 2nd Life!

Bridal Registry Gift Certificate

  • Please Note: Gift cards can only be purchased for couples who list our services on their bridal registry.

    You may increase the amount of the gift certificate by increasing the  quantity. For example, if you want to purchase $100 gift certificate, simply enter the number 4 for quantity.

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