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Sustainable Wedding Flowers

Don't get us wrong, we LOVE fresh cut flowers, however if you are truly looking for the most sustainable options for your wedding, we have the perfect solutions.

You can use succulents, or orchids, along with some little extras to make your table arrangements look fabulous. 

We know what you're thinking...what about my bridal bouquet? Have no fear, if your heart is set on fresh cut flowers for your bridal bouquet, we can design the one of your choice, and your bridal parties. Afterwards, you can donate your bouquets, along with your succulent or orchid centerpieces to the charity of your choice. 


Succulents or Orchids

These babies go a long way. Not only are they the perfect complement to any wedding table setting, but they can live on for almost forever.

After your wedding you can donate these long lasting plants to the charity of your choice; spreading acts of kindness, sharing your love and contributing to zero waste.

Orchid arrangement.jpg
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