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Be part of the Act of Kindness movement.

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Flꙮrals With Purpose

Let's share an Act of Kindness and protect our planet. Our dedicated team of young hearts will repurpose your event flowers -- Giving them a 2nd Life; deliver the redesigned arrangements to people in need, and reduce waste to help save our earth: making the world a better place, one flower at a time.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


Our Pledge

The climate of our earth is changing in a negative way, so Flꙮrals With Purpose is not only dedicated to bringing happiness to someone in need, but also helping reduce waste to make a positive impact on our planet. We can all have our cake and eat it too!

According to Rutgers researchers, the presence of flowers provides the following benefits: Flowers have a long-term positive effect on moods. Study participants reported feeling less depressed, anxious, and agitated after receiving flowers. They also demonstrated greater sense of life satisfaction.

The beautiful florals you feature at your event can live on for many, many days after, and the act of kindness you will bring to another will live on in their hearts forever.


And wait...there's more. Our team will return to the delivery location a week later to pick up the expired florals and their containers in order to compost the florals and reuse the containers for future donations. 

Our Team

Volunteers are wonderful and of course always welcome to help us share the love! However, we believe paid employees are more invested. We employ college and high school students because they are our future: teaching them to take care of our earth, being kind to those in need, and learning the value of earning a dollar is imperative to the future success and sustainability of our world.


The Story

After years of planning events (weddings, non-profit, corporate) founder, Angel Padulo felt the need to do more for the money her clients were spending on flowers, the time florists were dedicating to making such amazing arrangements (only to be thrown in the trash 5 hours later) and lastly, to help the environment. It pained her to see works of art be tossed in the garbage at the end of a major event. She began sourcing venues with natural landscapes for her clients that could be used as decor in lieu of florals (or using less of them), but that was a near impossible task. So she had to introduce an option that would make everyone happy. She also realized that employing the youth of our world was imperative to the future of earth. Want to learn more about Angel?

Listen to Her Story on 95.7 Ben FM

Flower Arrangements

Our Process

STEP 1. Schedule your pickup. We will collect your details, such as number and size of your floral arrangements, location of your venue and end time of your event. Then you will receive a price quote based on this information.

STEP 2. Choose the organization of where your repurposed florals are to be delivered. We provide a list of hospice, cancer centers, schools, shelters, rehab centers, etc. However, you are welcome to request your donation be delivered to an organization other than the ones we list and we will make the necessary arrangements.

STEP 3. You will receive custom signage to display at your event to let your guests know about your Act of Kindness donation. Also, if you choose to list our service on your bridal registry, the guests who gifted you a certificate towards our service will also be recognized on your customized signage.

STEP 4. Pick up of your floral arrangements. At the end of your event (after your guests have left) our floral team will come in and whisk away your arrangements. The team will return to our shop to repurpose your arrangements and create beautiful individual bouquets. For example, an average table centerpiece may yield 2 to 3 single arrangements. There may also be instances where repurposing is not necessary and your small table centerpieces are delivered as is.

STEP 5. Out for delivery. Our floral team has completed the repurposing process and will deliver the bouquets (each one will have a personalized message attached on your behalf) within a day of your event to the organization of your choice. 

STEP 6. Collection. The team will return to the delivery site to collect the expired bouquets and their containers. The florals will be composted and the containers will be used for future donations.  

STEP 7. Feel great. You feel great about ​your donation. We feel great for making it possible. The recipient feels great for receiving it. And the earth feels great that you are trying. 

"The floral arrangements at the Front & Erie House today were gorgeous! Thank you so much for delivering fresh arrangements to uplift the families we serve. Everyone loves them. 

Truly grateful for your support."

—  Lori-Anne Miller,

     Assistant Director of Volunteers

    Ronald McDonald House


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We primarily work in South Florida, but will go the extra miles to almost anywhere else in the world for large enough donations.

(267) 825-7416

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